About Me

Hi there, my name is Chris. secretneighborgame.net is my creation, it’s the place where I share information about Secret Neighbor — my all time favorite horror video game. I’m 24 years old now, but when I was a kid I used to have a creepy neighbor as well, and it always seemed to me he was hiding dead bodies in his basement lol.

secret neighbor clown

I enjoy horror movies, especially the ones that play out my childhood fears. Same goes for my fav video games. Secret Neighbor (and Hello Neighbor) remind me of what I was afraid of when I was a kid. These days, replaying those fears within the game entertains me and helps me cope with my highly stressful life… Don’t know how it works that way… The shrink’s gonna have a field day with me I know :D

Anyways, I hope you guys like secretneighborgame.net. Make sure you browse through it and let me know in case you have any questions or suggestions. Have a great day!