How To Play Secret Neighbor: A Beginner Tutorial Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer social horror version of Hello Neighbor.  Do you know how to play Secret Neighbor? Check Secret Neighbor Beginners Guide video from Tiny Build.  So get your 5 friends and start to play! Continue Reading Secret Neighbor Patch Notes 5 Dynamic Pixels have made adjustments to the balance and mechanics of the game, which is what has changed since the recent update: Secret Neighbor v. 1.0.5b Fixed randomized item drop after the Neighbor’s death Leader’s Inspiration cooldown reduced to 20 seconds Increased blind duration from Confusion to 1.5 seconds A match no longer ends if the Neighbor leaves the game. Instead, a message that the Neighbor has left appears, and the players may either finish the match or leave Added a sound effect and highlighting for when a player mouses over a gear Key card doors can now be blocked Added a new type of saucepan: the flashlight saucepan. Durability: 2 hits Inventor can now craft the flashlight saucepan for 2 gears and the repair hammer for 1 gear If you've got some good suggestions, leave your comments with Steam. And we look forward to the next updates. Continue Reading Major News, Improvements and New Patches of Secret Neigghbor Game from Developer In this article, I collect all the main news, improvements and the newest patches of our favorite horror game Secret Neighbor. I just want you to be aware of the freshest updates and don't miss any opportunities of the game! Patch 4 changes the game (November 8) You can't kill off team mates on quick matches Good news everyone, we fully changed the game again! We noticed some players trolling quick games by killing off random team mates for no reason. So now knocked players in quick games will no longer die off if not helped, they will simply get back up. Changelog: Kids now get up after being knocked down instead of dying Custom game mode allows to revert the aforementioned knock change Fixed a bug where a Neighbor could interact with objects through walls while disguised as a pumpkin Fixed a bug where a Neighbor could clip into the floor after taking damage while disguised as a pumpkin Collider for knocked kids is now smaller (used the be same size as for a kid that is standing) Help marker now disappears as intended after a knocked players leaves a match Neighbor’s metal gates are now in randomized positions (opened/closed) at the beginning of a match Added an option to inverse the mouse Kids can no longer be spotted with the radar while they’re hiding in a closet We are working very hard on upcoming performance optimizations and control remapping. Stay tuned, the next patch is expected early next week! Patch 3 live (November 1) Voice, UI, connection improvements inbound While we're finalizing the results of the Pumpkin Carving Contest (check our discord for details), we've rolled out Patch 3. Fixed several bugs causing freezes on Quick Game loading screen State of mute is now applied to the entire session Fixed a bug where mute would disappear after a match Fixed a UI bug where you could mute an already muted player after they re-enter the lobby Removed sound distortions in voice chat on maximum volume Fixed help icon disappearing after a player leaves. Improved voice chat stability after disconnects Changed the relation of the voice chat volume to distance from exponential to linear This patch is a series of ongoing improvements to the game. We are working on optimizing the game's performance alongside a series of updates in the coming weeks. Patch 2: Quality of Life lvl up (October 30) A huge quality of life level up in patch 2 The second update for Secret Neighbor on Steam focuses on Quality of Life improvements. Next up are performance improvements. There has also been a lot of work done in the backend, mostly focused on networking. Added the ability to interact with doors and bars while stunned Fixed the lag spike that occurred after a kid died in Neighbor’s hands Fixed the leaflets appearing under a kid’s shoes when that kid leaves the spectator mode Fixed bars randomization Brave can no longer hit items that are lying on the floor Fixed freezing that occurred when you would knock down a door while in pause menu Reworked sliding mechanic You can no longer climb on vertical surfaces or angles Reworked the Crow logic (now it shows the way either to a key or a keycard you need) Reworked Detective’s skill logic (now it shows the way either to a key or a keycard you need) Fixed the Crow disappearing after turning into the Neighbor (proximity to Neighbor at which the Crow disappears changed from 15 to 5) Fixed the Crow disappearing after a key has been successfully used Fixed Detective’s photos when playing with no keycards. Fixed a bug where a kid’s saucepan would disappear after they transform into the Neighbor Slightly changed player models’ interpolation to minimize cases where the Neighbor can catch kids from extreme distances Adjusted saucepan positioning for some characters Increased Neighbor’s fall damage Fixed the inconsistencies between torso and legs positioning when turning (characters twisting) Continue Reading