Secret Neighbor Patch Notes 5

Dynamic Pixels have made adjustments to the balance and mechanics of the game, which is what has changed since the recent update:

Secret Neighbor v. 1.0.5b

  • Fixed randomized item drop after the Neighbor’s death
  • Leader’s Inspiration cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
  • Increased blind duration from Confusion to 1.5 seconds
  • A match no longer ends if the Neighbor leaves the game. Instead, a message that the Neighbor has left appears, and the players may either finish the match or leave
  • Added a sound effect and highlighting for when a player mouses over a gear
  • Key card doors can now be blocked
  • Added a new type of saucepan: the flashlight saucepan. Durability: 2 hits
  • Inventor can now craft the flashlight saucepan for 2 gears and the repair hammer for 1 gear

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